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Here’s something new we will have with us for the upcoming tour. It’s been in the works for awhile now (as I recall, the idea for this was conceived before the Wildlife sessions were completed). I’m glad it’s seeing the light of day.

A brief overview: Our engineer and friend Joe Pedulla interviewed/conversed with Jordan about the stories and themes presented in Wildlife. We’ve also coupled this interview in audio form with movements from Chad’s “Mixtapes” (which were ideas recorded on a dictaphone that would later shape some of the songs on Wildlife). Everything is open for interpretation by the listener, of course, but it does give a little more insight into the concept of the record.

Artwork by Mr. Adam Vass. Editing and engineering by myself and Joe Pedulla.

We’ll be selling these (coupled with other unique goodies) and proceeds will go to a wonderful organization called¬†826michigan. I’ll post a proper update to the LD site when the rest of said goodies have arrived. Thank you.